About us

Owning a Clothing Boutique has been a lifelong dream of mine. When my husband gave me the green light to get started, I jumped at the chance and started a Brick & Mortar boutique with my best friend. It was magic and definitely one of my proudest, most fun accomplishments to date. Unfortunately, we had to sell my half when Micah's job brought us from Oklahoma to Florida. Our friends still run that boutique back in Oklahoma.

We thought leaving Oklahoma was the end of my run in women's fashion... but we'd soon learn it was only the beginning.

A LITTLE BACKGROUND. During our first summer in Florida, I decided to be brave and start wearing bikinis again. After 5 pregnancies, it took a little bit of courage and a lotta bit of crazy. My 8 year old son was the first to bring up my stretchmarks... but instead of seeing them as something gross or ugly, he called them my stripes. He compared me to a tiger! My self-confidence grew over the following 6 months. God was at work in me.

Throughout December of 2017 I really felt the urge to start another boutique. I was scared to tell Micah, afraid of the reaction he'd have to the financial and time commitment a new store would take. But he was all in!

So, what to call it? This time I was all on my own. My business-minded, genius of a best friend wasn't here to help me. Who am I on my own? Oh, yeah. I.AM.STRIPED. Like a tiger. I can do this. Striped Clothing Co was born.

This is more than a boutique to me. This is a platform that God allows me to use to help others, to make women feel beautiful, to promote other small businesses, to build friendships, and to make a difference. I'm so glad you're here to be a part of it.